I have been using BodyFuel Meal Prep now since May 2017. I originally started using the Weight loss plan to get bikini ready for my holiday in June. As a fussy eater I find myself eating the same foods over and over and become bored easily. BodyFuel Meal Prep created a meal plan for me that brought more variety into my daily meals and I was never bored or hungry!

I train regularly so fueling my workouts was also important, I have found when previously dieting that I am hungry, tired and bored of eating salad. This usually ends with me reaching for the chocolate! However these meals have kept me full and satisfied, I can’t thank you enough.

Hayley, Liverpool

Growing up I have never eaten fruit or vegetables, so trying to introduce more nutrients into my diet as recommended by my PT was difficult when cooking for myself. My PT advised me to try BodyFuel Meal Prep to ensure I was getting the goodness I needed and also to make sure I was eating enough.

Eating more was scary at first as I always presumed eating less and training more would lead to fat loss. However eating more and training correctly has proved to me that I don’t need to starve myself to get a lean toned body. BodyFuel Meal Prep allowed me to eat pasta that I love so I was more than happy to eat more and still have abs! BodyFuel meals are perfectly balanced and they tailored my meals exactly to what I like and required. Thank you!

Charlotte, Ormskirk

As a PT I am always on the go, working long hours and looking after clients has meant in the past that I neglect taking care of myself. I train 6 days a week, however sometimes I find that if I haven’t prepared any food I can go hours without eating. This then leads to me getting home at the end of my day hungry and eating anything that’s quick. This is usually a take away.

BodyFuel Meal Prep has meant 6 days a week I have delicious meals prepared for me that I can heat up in 2.5 minutes! Perfect for a busy PT

David, Sefton

As a professional boxer I know only with proper nutrition and training I will meet my goals. Training camp lifestyle is not easy, my day can consist of wake, train, eat, train, eat, sleep.  BodyFuel Meal Prep measured all my macros and had my food ready and delivered to my gym every week. I don’t have time to worry if my food is measured correctly or meeting my training needs. BodyFuel Meal Prep simplified my training camp. I’m so grateful for the service, prep approved, delicious meals!

Jamie, Doncaster

As a makeup artist and having my own business I am on my feet every day! Running my makeup academy means long days and when I get home the last thing I want to do is prepare my dinner or lunch for the following day.

BodyFuel Meal Prep has proved to me that prep meals don’t have to mean plain chicken and rice. My meals are delivered to my work every week and they never falter on taste! My goal is to lose some bodyfat and every week without fail I am watching the number on the scales drop before my eyes! Thanks guys for making my busy life easier and tastier!

Kate, Bootle

I have always trained and been in fairly good shape. However recently I have plateaued and not seen any changes in my body. I wanted to become that little bit leaner but without losing the size I had trained hard to achieve.

I went to BodyFuel Meal for advice on how I can take my physique to the next level. They recommended to me that I introduce some new supplements into my regime began eating four meals per day from the BodyFuel Meal Prep plan. This meant that I was eating an extra meal than I usually eat however my body changed quickly and it was clear that I needed the extra fuel to see the changes I wished for. Perfectly sized and convenient, thanks!

Keith, Liverpool

I had my first child 12 months ago. The way my body changed during my pregnancy and post pregnancy was a shock to me. As someone who had always exercised I knew that I needed to get back into the gym, however I had no idea what to eat!

BodyFuel Meal Prep created a food plan for me that was easy to stick to and has been fundamental in getting back my pre-pregnancy body. I can say my body now is better than before I was pregnant. My body feels tighter, toned and my skin is glowing. These meals are perfect for busy mums who don’t have much time to look after themselves. Losing weight has been easy and enjoyable I love it!

Keith, Liverpool

Isabel, Manchester